Outlaw and Disorder

Outlaw and Disorder

Who is the outlaw?
is it Rudy the little rascal from the western bay
who stole a bread because he has nothing to eat and money to pay
is it Harry the homeless
who sleep and settle illegaly in his card board boxes
Is it Penny the prostitute that stands under the red light
who sells her body in order to survive every night
Is it Olivia the old mother that suffer from financial fright
who can’t pay the debts to the landlords because the interest is too damn high

What is a disorder?
Is it the fight of the street vendors who resists the hauling by the police and business propietor?
Is it the march of the students who against the education budget cuts and the tuition fee rises?
Is it the resistance of the peasants to claim the lands which are being monopolized by the landlords?
Is it the occupation of factories by the labours working class who strike back?

No it is not an outlaw and disorder
For the real outlaw and disorder is the reign of the exploiter
The conglomerates one percent who reign over the labours
The land owner who never be a land worker
The warmonger who profits from weapon sellings and death number
The industrialist who sold the world and left us it’s waste and infectious rubbish
The invader who robs all indigenous islander
all the exploiters who gets richer while the rest get poorer

It is right to rebel and to fight back
Because the unjust law is a-deserves-to-be-broken-law
and the order that preserves the bloodsucker is nothing but a fetter

Their days are numbered
and our victory is ensured


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